Activities & Aims

We as a food conglomerate specially manufacturer and trader of different Edible oil, Ghee, Spice, pulses, etc. we are specialized for Kacchi Ghani Mustard oil, Physically Refined Rice Bran oil, spices, pulses etc, deals through our brand name "SWADESH® " and Blended Edible Vegetable Oil brand name“SALAN ®”.

We are collecting best quality firm fresh mustard seeds from various sources of the country to cater pure Kachchi Ghani Mustard oil which processed through blending of traditional and latest technologies.

Our main aim is to provide quality deliverables i.e. great aroma, pungency, viscosity, density, and color along with best organic nutrition value in our quality products.

We follow the FSSAI and food safety standard ISO 22000 series to process and packed the food products with latest automation and technologies. We also have 10000 MT scientific warehouse storage facilities for storing the raw material having more than 300 to 350 MT of edible oil storage tanks.

We have manufacturing facility in terms of oil mill, scientific warehouse storing facility to store full year requirement, which also includes acres of commercial land. We already obtained AGMARK Certification and expanding in pan Indian basis and internationally.

Last 5 years trend shows that staring from post-harvest mustard seeds always gives an upward trend along with 30% to 40% gross margin other than processing.