Investors Portfolio and our offerings

We would like to make a positive approach with the investors in terms of legal formal correspondence, follow the rules and regulation as per the Country law time to time.

We would like to offer company equity shares, preference shares, securities, bonds etc., for raising short terms and longs capital for our various expansion models as described elsewhere.

  • The investment shall be on stocks for seasonal procurement of raw materials various mustard seeds etc, followed by processing and distribution.
  • The desired capital amount of investment will be taken in company account.
  • The desired capital amount of investment which will be received by company will be given back by post dated security cheque by the desired time of investment.
  • Minimum investment period will be of one year or as per agreement between the parties for the best usage of the investment to generate maximum revenues.
  • Revenue profit amount portion of investment can be repaid monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually according to the choice of investor.
  • As per convenience of the Investors the company may prepare necessary financial agreements with the original copy given to the investor to secure the investment.
  • Investor can keep nominee to take the investment return in behalf.
  • The costs and expenses (including any professional, legal and accountancy expenses) of the preparation and execution of the Investment including any associated documentation shall be borne by the company.
  • The investment revenue will be discussed, and after approval will be mentioned in the agreement prior taking the investment.